Fusion 360 is now available as a web app on Chromebooks for students with an Autodesk account and an educational subscription.

Fusion 360 is now on Chromebooks for students

To help schools give students more options for accessing Autodesk tools and learning, Fusion 360 is now available on Chromebooks. Every student, teacher, faculty member and design competition mentor with an Autodesk account and approved Education plan access can now use Fusion 360 on a Chromebook.

Start using Autodesk Fusion 360 today to unify design, engineering, electronics and manufacturing into a single platform.

Imagine, design, build: Using Fusion 360 on a Chromebook

To get started, visit and log in using your educational account credentials. Fusion 360 on Chromebook is the full version of the software, inclusive of all CAD and CAM features, though we have disabled a handful of options that require local installation (for example, some options under Share and the ability to collect logs are not functional). All features in the Fusion 360 workspaces are available through your Education account.

Fusion 360 is 3D CAD software and more

Don't let your 3D modelling tools restrict your creativity or ability to quickly create multiple design iterations. Fusion 360 empowers you to design effortlessly, helping you to ensure form, fit and function of your products with various analysis methods. From sketching and direct modelling to surface and parametric modelling, Fusion 360 has you covered.

FAQs: Fusion 360 for Chromebooks

Fusion 360 is now available on Chromebooks for students with an Autodesk account and an educational subscription.

Any student, educator, school IT administrator or design competition mentor who has created an Autodesk account and obtained a Fusion 360 educational subscription through the Autodesk Education Community (US site) .

Visit and sign in to your account.

  1. Visit the Autodesk Education Community (US site) .
  2. Click Get started on the Fusion product tile.
  3. Either sign in to or create an Autodesk account and complete your education profile.
  4. Click Get Product on the Fusion product tile.
  5. Click Access on the Fusion product tile.

You now have an educational subscription to Fusion 360 and can access Fusion 360 on a Chromebook by visiting

Note: When you complete step 5, a download of the Fusion 360 desktop client is automatically launched. There is no need to install the desktop client to access Fusion 360 on a Chromebook and you can simply close this browser window.

See how Fusion 360 can be used for CAD design

Fusion 360 unifies design, engineering, electronics and manufacturing into a single, cloud-based software platform. It helps students and educators prepare for the future of design, and is also the first 3D CAD, CAM and CAE tool of its kind.

  • CAD design

    CAD software tools like Fusion 360 are essential to the engineering design, analysis and manufacturing process.

  • 3D modelling

    Fusion 360 workspaces help you to explore and apply various 3D modelling techniques that bring your technical drawings to life.

  • CAD documentation

    For more information and resources on how Fusion 360 can help you to bring your designs to life, visit our documentation centre.


    Fusion 360 CAD/CAM software connects the entire product design and development process in a single platform.

Tinkercad for Chromebooks

Tinkercad is an easy, browser-based 3D design and modelling tool for all. Tinkercad is also your perfect 3D printing companion – it allows you to imagine anything, then design it in minutes! Tinkercad is a free, easy-to-learn online design tool used to create and print 3D models – it's intuitive to use, and you don't need to know CAD.

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