Whether you are performing administrative work or procuring AutoCAD software, Autodesk has resources available to meet the needs of CAD managers and CAD coordinators.

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What is a CAD manager?

CAD managers assume the combined roles of CAD drafter, IT department and manager in design and engineering firms. They differ from CAD coordinators who take a holistic view of the company's design production capability and focus on overarching production-related issues to ensure that production never stops.

Responsibilities of a CAD manager

Keeping up with all the changes in the industry can be overwhelming and challenging, yet at the same time, they can be viewed as opportunities to make organisations more competitive.

  • Project management

    CAD managers manage staff, projects and procurement of both software and hardware, plus the day-to-day output of the CAD function.

  • Time management

    CAD managers oversee the work of CAD drafters, making sure that every drawing is legible and professional and adheres to applicable project standards.

  • People management

    CAD managers are skilled at learning their team's individual strengths, building on their weaknesses and delegating work to the appropriate team member.

  • Managing software

    Customisations and standardisations are crucial to productivity. Showing your prospects or clients what their projects can look like in 3D with the right tools can be the differentiator in landing new business.

  • Managing projects

    There's constantly a myriad of projects in play while juggling priorities. As a CAD manager, you'll be wearing lots of different hats. Always manage to the best of your ability, be knowledgeable and most of all, be approachable.

  • Staying competitive

    Operational efficiency requires the right training, support and integration. CAD managers must ensure that the software works and that people can learn how to use it, while also establishing standards and best practices for productivity.

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Working smarter is easier with AutoCAD 2023

AutoCAD 2023 software includes industry-specific toolsets; improved workflows across desktop, web and mobile; and new features such as drawing history.

AutoCAD software for CAD managers

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Guides for CAD managers

  • Rendering with 2D overlay of a café created using AutoCAD

    Master AutoCAD sheet sets

    Whether you design parts or buildings, the sheet set functionality in AutoCAD enables you to efficiently create, manage and share your entire set of sheets from one location.

  • Rendering of an open office building with a cross-section cut out

    Choose the right CAD software

    Unsure of which CAD software is the right solution for your business? Compare the features of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT.

  • Two people using AutoCAD in a mobile environment

    Earn your Autodesk Certification

    Autodesk provides industry-recognised certifications to verify that you have the essential Autodesk software skills and industry knowledge to start your career.

CAD manager resources

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    Learn how Tool Palettes can assist CAD managers with the elimination of inconsistencies across workstations, projects and even offices.

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    Discover these CAD manager tips to increase your team’s productivity and efficiency, keeping them on the cutting edge.

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    Use these CAD manager tips to address common workplace complaints – and their solutions – from a CAD draftsman.