Enhance your approach to engineering with design automation.

Practical applications of design automation

Design automation can mature from automating basic parameters to full-scale product configuration. Setup can be as simple or as complex as your current needs demand. Learn how iLogic technology, found in Autodesk Inventor, enables engineers to easily utilize rule-based design without complex coding.

Benefits of design automation

The right tools can help you to work more efficiently, so you can focus on greater engineering tasks.

  • Design more efficiently

    Sheet metal parts and welded frames often include standard features that require simple, yet tedious, modelling. Eliminate time-consuming work by automating the creation of typical product features.

  • Quickly configure products to spec

    Manually modifying models to meet customer specs can drain engineering resources. Define parameters to create your 3D model and easily set rules that drive a customised product configurator.

  • Accelerate handoff to manufacturing

    Extend automation beyond engineering with simple-to-code tools that capture and execute standard processes for the creation of drawings, toolpaths and other documentation.

“The parts that we make have to be very precise and to model that manually takes a lot of time. There had to be a better way to do this.”

See how air compressor manufacturer FS-Elliott uses iLogic in Inventor to accomplish in minutes what used to take days or weeks. 

Image courtesy of FS-Elliott

Get started with design automation

Automation tools offered in the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection are designed to be a scalable solution that matures as you reach your goals. Products in the collection can help to define rules that drive customised product configurators, drawing creation, toolpaths, simulation set-up and more.

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