See how the Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) Collection from Autodesk makes project designing, planning and building easier.

What is digital construction?

Digital construction is the application of data technology in the construction process to inform all aspects of a project from design to turnover. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is one of the most powerful digital tools that benefits every phase of the project lifecycle, including estimating, materials and labour management.

Using the AEC Collection for digital construction

The tools provided in the AEC Collection help construction teams utilise digital CAD and BIM workflows to move quickly from design intent to construction. This data-driven approach mitigates risks early, avoids costly rework and drives innovation throughout the digital construction process.

Use BIM data to move from design to fabrication

See how Miller Electric Company uses the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection to design, model and prefabricate complex electricity grid systems. This BIM-based approach has significantly reduced rework and waste, while improving quality and safety performance.

Digital construction solutions for every project phase

Autodesk offers integrated digital construction workflows across the entire project lifecycle. The AEC Collection helps streamline how data is collected and communicated with powerful BIM tools. The Autodesk Construction Cloud applies these models to key planning and building processes to enhance collaboration, decision-making and efficiency.

Connected digital construction workflows

Learn how engineering and construction firm BAM Ireland underwent a technological transformation to fully eliminate high-risk manual workflows. The firm combines the power of the AEC Collection with the data insights available with BIM 360 to overcome digital boundaries and fully benefit from connected construction.

Benefits of digital construction

Drive efficiency at every stage of the project lifecycle and enhance collaboration with digital construction technology.


    Digital construction technology from Autodesk allows for seamless collaboration across all disciplines on any construction project, no matter the location: office, construction site, home or on the go.


    Automated production drawings and 3D visualisations are just two of the capabilities in the AEC Collection that allow you to identify ways to reduce labour and material costs before the project begins.


    By visualising and planning site logistics ahead of construction, you can pinpoint and address potential hazards and improve construction safety.


    Connect BIM data generated during design and construction to facility operations for seamless building handover.

Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collection

Digital construction software with powerful BIM and CAD workflows delivers exceptional support throughout a project’s lifecycle.

Relevant software in the collection for digital construction

One integrated digital construction software collection equips you to meet every building challenge.

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Digital construction resources

  • AEC Collection software and Autodesk Construction Cloud deliver robust data analytics and business intelligence that digitised construction is built on.

  • A digital and networked research site at RWTH Aachen University in Germany (an Autodesk Technology Impact Partner) is helping test new digital construction technologies under real-world conditions.

  • Learn how one of the UK’s leading contractors is leveraging the power of the AEC Collection and BIM 360 to connect digital BIM data with project teams on site and enabling meaningful insights to drive key business outcomes.

Digital construction frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Autodesk’s AEC Collection was developed to transform the way building design, civil infrastructure and construction professionals work. Its integrated toolset improves building design workflows, allowing you to collaborate more effectively and produce higher quality design.

The AEC Collection streamlines the entire construction project workflow. Quickly move from design intent to construction or fabrication while maintaining high-quality. Easily automate the design-to-detailing process for accurate shop details. Create 2D designs and 3D models at the same time and connect conceptual design to detailed engineering.

Autodesk’s AEC Collection software and Autodesk Construction Cloud deliver robust data analytics and business intelligence that digitised construction is built on. You can link BIM data to workflows and project teams to reap the benefits of connected construction.

The AEC Collection from Autodesk includes BIM and CAD software that streamlines data exchange and enables integration with digital and offline workflows. Native integrations and easy interoperability with the tools provided in the Autodesk Construction Cloud enhance collaboration.