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From concept to market introduction with Autodesk Digital Prototyping

As a consumer product design professional, you can use Autodesk Digital Prototyping tools to create innovative products, reduce development time and efficiently collaborate with partners and suppliers. Our solutions enable you to drive better design decisions throughout your projects. With Digital Prototyping, you can:

  • Create detailed digital models of your designs before they're real
  • Improve product reliability by subjecting your design to the stress it will experience in the real world
  • Gain early insight into a product's manufacturability and cost before it ever leaves design
  • Help ensure that all of your design data is managed effectively so that it can be found, shared and re-used
  • Create realistic, marketing-ready virtual photography and cinematography

Explore these case studies and discover how companies like yours met their consumer product design challenges head-on and came out on top.

Consumer Products customers share their success

How they did it


BioLite saved time and money by simulating many stages of the design process and testing design performance to evaluate the impact of different concepts, reduce physical prototypes and avoid overbuilding.

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PDF: Consumer product design and development case study––Ulysse Nardin

Ulysse Nardin

Ulysse Nardin is a leading creator of quality timepieces. Using Digital Prototyping, the team cut development cycles in half, reduced physical prototypes and created realistic images of watches for marketing before production.

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Callaway Golf

The Callaway Golf design team uses Autodesk visualisation tools to explore extreme shapes without compromising quality. 3D sketches and simulations let the team observe strict size regulations without restricting creativity.

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Digital Prototyping solutions for the Consumer Products Industry

Product Design Suite

This comprehensive solution delivers 3D product design, simulation and visualisation tools for your entire consumer product design process.



Put an entire range of sketching, modelling, surfacing and visualisation tools to work for you with software tailored for product design.


Simulation Moldflow

Avoid potential manufacturing defects and make great products faster with tools for mould design, plastic part design and more.

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Learn all the ways Autodesk Digital Prototyping empowers you to bring your ideas to life.
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Autodesk Digital Prototyping brochure (PDF)

Read how Autodesk makes Digital Prototyping work at every stage of the consumer product design and development process.
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How Digital Prototyping can work for your process

Digital Prototyping production process and product development cycle

You can excel at every stage of the automotive design, visualisation and production process with the intelligent, model-based approach of Digital Prototyping.

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