Industrial Machinery

Create competitive advantage with Autodesk Digital Prototyping

Your industrial machinery company can win more business, reduce development costs and speed time to market with Autodesk Digital Prototyping solutions. Our suite of powerful software enables you to design, simulate, visualise and manage your entire industrial product design process digitally. With Digital Prototyping, you can:

  • Win business with innovative concepts
  • Plan and collaborate on designs flawlessly
  • Validate designs for quality assurance and reduce manufacturing costs
  • Integrate solutions for predictable manufacturing efficiency
  • Ensure on-time delivery and error-free installation for customer satisfaction
  • Create high-quality renderings to help market and sell your designs

Explore these case studies and discover how companies like yours met their industrial design challenges head-on and came out on top.

Industrial Machinery customers share their success

How they did it

Video: Industrial Machinery case study––Osgood Industries

Osgood Industries

Osgood is a food packaging conveyor manufacturer that has used Autodesk Digital Prototyping solutions to become more competitive and to build bigger, faster machines.

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Video: Industrial Machinery case study––Sunkist


Sunkist Research uses Autodesk software to create machines that pack oval fruits, which have historically been packed by hand. The team used powerful visualisation tools to collaborate and build more effectively.

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Video: Industrial Machinery case study––Fori Automation

Fori Automation

Fori Automation designs and builds conveyers for automotive customers worldwide using Product Design Suite, from the sales and quote phase through design implementation.

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Digital Prototyping solutions for Industrial Machinery

Factory Design Suite

Create and share manufacturing layouts with digital factory models. Iterate to suit your industrial design needs before you install equipment.


Product Design Suite

This comprehensive solution delivers 3D product design, simulation and visualisation tools for your entire industrial product design process.



Autodesk simulation software delivers tools that help you to predict mechanical stress, flow, thermal, plastic injection moulding and more.


Meet the Geniuses

See what these pioneers have achieved with Digital Prototyping

Industrial equipment manufacturers face significant challenges. So what makes some achieve more than others? To find out, we asked some smart manufacturers.


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