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One provider. Standardise with Autodesk.

Relying on multiple software vendors makes your shop less flexible. Inconsistent interfaces, procedures and data make it harder to operate efficiently, track workflow and control costs. With one provider that can do it all, you can simplify daily work and adapt to change more easily.

Why standardising makes sense

Advanced manufacturing thrives when shops can share workloads easily, automate frequent process steps and simplify management of complex processes.

The power of one

Standardisation helps address your most urgent needs as shops transition to agile operations that can adapt to industry and market changes more easily.

  • Address Skills Gap

    Capture and share best practices across your manufacturing teams. 

  • Process Efficiency

    Replace stand-alone processes that result in fragmented workflows. 

  • Automation

    Use fully integrated systems to eliminate redundancy.

  • Simplification

    Streamline training, support and management.

Design and manufacturing workflows in action

See examples of how standardising on Autodesk advanced manufacturing software leads to gains in efficiency, innovation and automation.

  • Production Machining Image

    Production Machining

    Use automation to simplify part programming, drive consistency and allow easier implementation of complex machining processes.

  • Generative Design Image

    Generative Design

    Explore unlimited design iterations using goals and parameters such as materials, loads, manufacturing methods and cost constraints.

  • Mold Production Image

    Mould Production

    Discover plastic part quality issues and moulding defects during the design stage before tooling goes into production, thereby saving costs.

  • Electrode Manufacture Image

    Electrode Manufacture

    Use automated wizards, pre-defined machining strategies, movement simulation and easy data sharing to maximise the efficiency electrodes.

Quest Industries, Inc.

Standardising to increase capacity

Quest Industries uses Autodesk Moldflow, PowerMill and PowerShape in the design and manufacture of high-quality injection moulds. By standardising on Autodesk software, Quest was able to fully automate their EDM department and increase capacity by 50%.

Additional customer stories

Paragon D&E

This large mould and die shop invested in PowerMill to replace 5 different CAM systems, to improve part quality and reduce turnaround times by 50%.


This leading UK manufacturer of high-quality moulds and tools reduced machining time with PowerShape and PowerMill to provide seamless CAD-CAM.

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CAM software for high-speed and 5-axis machining

Fusion 360

Cloud-based 3D CAD/CAM/CAE software for product design


Additive manufacturing and design software


CAM automation for CNC programming


Plastic injection moulding design software and compression mould simulation


Inspect complex, free-form surfaces across a range of hardware devices


Modelling software to prepare moulds, dies and other complex parts for manufacture

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Choosing a single software provider for advanced manufacturing is a big decision that can deliver huge benefits. Autodesk has all of the tools you need and we have a team of advanced manufacturing specialists ready to learn about your business and see how we can help.

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