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Solutions for product lifecycle management

Product data management

Get your product data under control in one centralised system.

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What is product data management (PDM)?

Product data management centralises design data and engineering processes in one location, saving time and effort for all involved in the product lifecycle. You can quickly find and re-use files, track revisions, collaborate and share product data beyond engineering to improve downstream processes and workflows.

Webinar: Why use PDM with PLM?

In this webinar, we will cover new product development workflows that speed up time to market; automated change request and change order processes; item and bill of materials management to reduce errors and improve collaboration; preventing and responding quickly to quality issues; and staying connected 24/7 to your global supply chain.

Improve design workflows and data sharing beyond engineering

Work efficiently with accurate, timely data and collaborate with others.

Central source of organised data for collaboration

Ensure people are working with the most up-to-date information in a system that automatically tracks changes, maintains past file versions and captures the entire history of designs and product data.

  • Control what people can access and edit based on their roles
  • Use check-in and check-out to prevent overwritten work
  • Perform automatic backups to prevent data loss

Connecting people, processes and data

Centralised product data is available within and beyond engineering, which eliminates bottlenecks and improves product lifecycle processes. You can manage all file types and any information related to a product with PDM, including documents, spreadsheets, images, PDFs, CAD data and associated metadata.

  • Provide access to the files and information everyone needs
  • Automate data transfer between departments and business systems
  • Collaborate across departments, divisions and geographies
  • Share data with customers, manufacturing suppliers and design contractors

Concurrent design and faster product development

Work without interruption with seamless integration between your Autodesk design tools and product data management. Product data in a single system allows cross-functional teams to design concurrently without overwriting files – as opposed to sharing product information through email, spreadsheets and other isolated, manual methods that lead to lost data.

  • Quickly find and re-use data so you don’t have to start from scratch
  • Track changes, revisions and design history automatically as you work
  • Gain time with intelligent geometric data search functionality

See what else you can do with PDM

Create engineering BOMs

Create an engineering BOM derived from CAD design data to effectively track and communicate across departments the details of how a product was functionally designed.

Reduce errors and delays

Connect engineering BOMs with other departments and business systems for greater efficiencies and to avoid manual entries which can lead to errors, poor quality and delays.

Drive more standardisation

Provide CAD administrators with customisable tools to help enforce organisational standards on data creation, review and release processes, as well as industry standards like ISO 9000 and RoHS.

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