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Is my AutoCAD genuine?

Hidden costs of using unlicensed software

Using pirated software, even unknowingly, can cause system failure, endanger your personal data, and negatively affect your business productivity. CAD software is the fourth most pirated software in the world, according to a study by the Software & Information Industry Association. AutoCAD® is the most frequently pirated software from Autodesk obtained through torrents or cracks.

Software piracy includes the unauthorised downloading, copying, or distribution of software. Using previously registered software, downloading software or AutoCAD torrents from unfamiliar platforms, and using unauthorised keygens to generate invalid serial numbers or license keys are the most common ways pirated software is obtained. Victims of software piracy often believe they are purchasing genuine software.

Don't become a victim of pirated software. Learn about the risks of using cracked or counterfeit AutoCAD software and how to protect yourself from malware and data loss. Explore affordable options for genuine AutoCAD software.

Risks associated with pirated software

Malware infection
1 in 3 pirated software programs expose computers to malware, resulting in security issues, data loss, and computer damage.

Hidden costs
Software failure, computer repair, and identity theft due to pirated software cost U.S. consumers $25 billion in 2014.

Decreased productivity
U.S. consumers wasted 1.1 billion hours dealing with issues from pirated software in 2014.

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