Entertain with powerful 3D animation production tools

Artists, animators and character modellers can produce quality entertainment content with tools designed to form a modern 3D animation pipeline.

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The future of design and creation suites

Beginning 1 August, this suite will no longer be available for purchase. Learn more about your options, including our new industry collections, which offer even more functionality at a comparable price.

See what you can do

Get a sophisticated animation pipeline

Tackle sophisticated effects

  • Access powerful creative effects tools
  • Simulate liquids, fluids, particles, rigid and soft bodies
  • Create hair, fur and foliage at render time

Create compelling effects and simulations faster

  • Load and save large scenes
  • Import complex models and quickly render objects
  • Render passes for downstream compositing

Craft previs animation, trailers and cinematics

Push the boundaries of your creative abilities

  • Use intuitive sculpt, texture and paint tools
  • Develop more believable characters
  • Create complex environments

Be more productive and meet tight deadlines

  • Easily manage iterations
  • Accelerate 3D modelling tasks
  • Save time with UV-less Ptex textures

Improve animation production and workflow

Create high-quality animation

  • Use the 3D tool best suited for the job
  • Edit and clean up motion data
  • Rig and animate realistic characters

Improve animation production

  • Work quickly with specialised tool sets
  • Benefit from better workflows
  • Work with more consistent user interfaces

Maximise your creative potential

  • Produce 3D animation models and effects
  • Add realistic hair, fur and cloth to characters
  • Save time on data transfer

See what your company can do

Benefit from an efficient animation pipeline

Tackle complex projects with an efficient pipeline

  • Accelerate 3D sculpting
  • Increase character animation output
  • Improve workflows with single-step interoperability

Get proven solutions at an exceptional value

  • Increase productivity with focused tool sets
  • Take on more challenging projects
  • Benefit from cost savings

Design compelling games with improved 3D animation workflows

Create more compelling games

  • Use proven tool sets to create high-quality game assets
  • Create believable 3D characters, props and environments

Benefit from more efficient 3D animation workflows

  • Get quality results quickly with single-step data exchange
  • Increase art-to-engine efficiency

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