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Visualise and optimise your factory designs

Factory Design Suite is 3D factory design software that helps you to design and visualise more efficient factory and facility layouts before equipment is installed.


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The future of design and creation suites

This suite is no longer available for purchase. Learn more about your options, including our new industry collections, which offer even more functionality at a comparable price.

See what you can do

Video: Work in an AutoCAD environment

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Use the AutoCAD built for layout design

  • Expedite designs with automated workflows.
  • Continue building on AutoCAD skills.
  • Generate in-sync 2D and 3D digital factory layouts.

Save time with 1-click workflows

  • Design more quickly with a library of digital factory content.
  • Easily search, modify and re-use content.
  • Publish your own frequently used assets to the cloud.

Explore exclusive AutoCAD functionality

  • Analyse material flow directly in AutoCAD.
  • Optimise machine utilisation and energy consumption.
  • Publish assets with multiple variants.

Video: Visualise your digital factory layout

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Design facility layouts in AutoCAD

  • Access a library of architectural elements.
  • Design the whole manufacturing facility.
  • Keep 2D and 3D data in sync.

Visualise large facility layouts

  • Aggregate layouts and machinery
  • Combine data from various CAD systems
  • Create a digital factory model anyone can review

Use a laser scanner and detect clashes

  • Record any configuration.
  • Detect interferences easily.
  • Reduce errors tied to manual workflows.

Video: Create parametric assets for factory design

View video (1.15 min.)

Design large complex assemblies

  • Work with integrated simulation tools.
  • Use automation tools to design faster.
  • Share assets in the cloud.

Create custom assets

  • Author and publish smart assets.
  • Define landing surfaces and connectors.
  • Keep 2D and 3D models in sync.

Detect interferences early

  • Use clash detection tools.
  • Inspect, identify and report interference.
  • Integrate point cloud workflows.

Video: Communicate digital factory design

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Win bids with interactive 3D presentations

  • Turn CAD data into compelling imagery.
  • Improve the review process for designs.
  • Explain your designs more clearly to nontechnical stakeholders.

Bid profitably and meet tight deadlines

  • Build 3D models from 2D drawings.
  • Test multiple layout scenarios.
  • Streamline projects using third-party CAD data.

Communicate design intent

  • Demonstrate operation of layout designs.
  • Produce cinematic-quality animations.
  • Present your layout designs in motion.

See what your company can do

Video: Improve digital factory design efficiency

View video (2.41 min.)

Analyse for clashes and space restraints

  • Perform an analysis before you install any equipment.
  • Minimise risks with clash detection tools.
  • Simulate the installation sequence of equipment.

Streamline factory layouts

  • Streamline manufacturing operations.
  • Improve manufacturing flexibility.
  • Analyse material flow and energy consumption.

Maximise production lines

  • Find the most efficient footprint possible.
  • Use modern workflows and point clouds.
  • Integrate point cloud workflows.

Video: Factory design that meets your customers's requirements

View video (2.18 min.)

Share assets with colleagues and clients

  • Create custom 3D content for factory layouts.
  • Publish, share and manage assets in the cloud.
  • Protect intellectual property when sharing designs.

Design equipment and machine line layouts

  • Use the industry's best mechanical design tools.
  • Save time with interoperable layout workflows.
  • Create, modify and re-use digital models of equipment.

See your factory layout in action

  • Show how your designs integrate with the facility.
  • Share assets online with your sales team.
  • Develop convincing, interactive 3D materials.

Video: Deliver the best possible factory layout solution to customers

View video (2.46 min.)

Produce more compelling 3D sales tools

  • Help nontechnical stakeholders understand design intent.
  • Impress clients with photorealistic visualisations.
  • Enhance communication with a 3D environment.

Streamline design of bidding proposals

  • Quickly iterate in a 3D visual layout environment.
  • Accommodate changing customer requests.

See your digital factory layout in action

  • Improve the factory design review process.
  • Accelerate the presales design process.

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