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3D design tools for civil engineering

Use the intelligent, model-based tools in Infrastructure Design Suite to gain more accurate, accessible and actionable insight throughout the lifecycle of your civil engineering projects. 


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The future of design and creation suites

This suite is no longer available for purchase. Learn more about your options, including our new industry collections, which offer even more functionality at a comparable price.

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Video: Infrastructure Design Suite civil engineering software for better design decisions

Understand and communicate project dependencies better

  • Explore and communicate design concepts
  • Get projects approved faster and help win work
  • Promote greater visibility into project constructability

Maintain more consistent data, context, processes

  • Aggregate data from a variety of formats
  • Develop more consistent, accurate construction documentation
  • Apply industry standards more easily

Respond more quickly to change

  • Gain greater flexibility to make design changes 
  • Apply discipline-specific tools for a more streamlined process
  • Improve designs by conducting engineering analysis 

View video highlighting benefits for transportation and urban planners


Aggregate and visualise data more effectively

  • Manage data from many sources
  • Build large data-rich city models 
  • Enhance insight into existing conditions 

Analyse information to help inform decisions

  • Conduct spatial analysis to help see trends
  • Facilitate identification of priority locations
  • Analyse impacts of new developments


Communicate project options more easily

  • More quickly model and visualise alternatives
  • Show intent more effectively with realistic visuals 
  • Create thematic maps to support reporting requirements

View video highlighting civil engineering software benefits for electric distribution networks

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Create more consistent designs

  • Design in a AutoCAD environment
  • Improve accuracy with rules-based standards
  • Work more quickly with templates and workflows

Optimise with analysis

  • Calculate voltage drop and flicker
  • Calculate underground cable tension
  • Calculate overhead sag for wind and ice

Deliver more complete documentation

  • Deliver documentation in a single package
  • Provide more complete engineering data
  • Automate bill of materials creation

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View Stantec customer video highlighting benefits for engineering firms

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Create better proposals

  • Demonstrate a better understanding of project needs
  • Create more realistic proposals of design alternatives
  • Communicate options more effectively 

Minimise project dependencies

  • Create visualisations to help validate design decisions
  • Help minimise construction documentation errors
  • Identify issues before construction

Improve profitability

  • Use tools to help decrease hours on fixed-cost projects
  • Accommodate last-minute changes more easily 
  • Support productivity with more consistent data

Model for city of Bamberg, Germany

Produce better designs

  • Minimise errors with model-based tools
  • Optimise with integrated analysis
  • Minimise documentation errors

Improve co-ordination

  • Share information with teams and stakeholders
  • Generate documentation as a by-product of the design 
  • Help identify issues earlier to minimise errors in the field

Achieve greater transparency

  • Attract more competitive bids 
  • Improve cost estimate accuracy
  • Demonstrate impact with more realistic visuals

View Southern California Edison customer video highlighting benefits for electric utilities

View video (4.30 min.) 

Promote design efficiency

  • Improve knowledge transfer
  • Optimise workflows to minimise re-work
  • Incorporate industry design standards

Improve materials use

  • Optimise materials with engineering analysis
  • Improve design to construction processes
  • Deliver more accurate estimates

Improve data confidence

  • Help reduce time-consuming processes
  • Minimise as-built backloguES
  • Deliver design data to the enterprise

View Mortenson Construction customer video highlighting benefits for construction firms

View video (3.46 min.)

Explore constructability virtually

  • Aggregate data for whole-project review
  • Understand scope of labour and materials better
  • Co-ordinate site and workflow planning more effectively

Improve cost reliability

  • Generate material take-offs more quickly 
  • Evaluate the cost of design alternatives
  • Help resolve conflicts before construction

Predict project outcomes more accurately

  • Simulate schedules and logistics in 4D
  • Assess and quantify scope changes
  • Communicate plans to stakeholders more easily 

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