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3D plant design tools for the process industry

Discover plant engineering software that offers a wide array of cost-effective tools for plant design professionals to design, model and review plant projects.


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The future of design and creation suites

This suite is no longer available for purchase. Learn more about your options, including our new industry collections, which offer even more functionality at a comparable price.

See what you can do

Create and manage P&IDs with AutoCAD P&ID software.

Create and modify P&IDs in an AutoCAD environment

  • Automate design and editing tasks
  • Annotate designs based on industry-standard formats
  • Identify drawing inconsistencies

Improve co-ordination with other disciplines.

  • Share plant designs and models
  • Create standard reports and export data in various file formats
  • Use industry-standard P&ID symbols

Easily provide compliance documentation

  • Quickly produce instrument lists and reports
  • Connect to process data to identify equipment for monitoring
  • Integrate with monitoring databases (such as LDAR)

Intelligently model piping with AutoCAD Plant 3D.

Simplify plant design and editing

  • Quickly model piping using spec-driven technology
  • Share info between 3D models, P&IDs and orthographics 
  • Work easily with point clouds for brownfield projects

Improve consistency between P&ID and piping

  • Quickly generate materials lists and reports
  • Work via an interconnected model
  • Easily share construction documents

Minimise piping man hours

  • Check against criteria to design to spec
  • Better co-ordinate piping and structural design
  • Check designs for interferences

Inventor model of a skid-mounted pressure vessel.

Quickly create equipment specifications

  • Create and modify P&IDs more easily
  • Use Digital Prototyping for equipment and skids
  • P&IDs and 3D models share one integrated project

More easily validate design packages

  • View equipment and skids in a 3D process model
  • Optimise designs and find problems earlier with simulation
  • Better co-ordinate information on fast-paced projects

Produce detailed fabrication documents

  • Create and share DWG™ drawings
  • Generate documentation from digital prototypes
  • Create and manage bills of materials (BOMs)

Model structural components with Revit software.

Design and analyse plant structures in 3D

  • Quickly create preliminary structural models
  • Design more efficiently with intelligent structural objects
  • Integrate design and analysis with bi-directional links

Create steel and concrete reinforcement drawings

  • Define and visualise concrete reinforcement
  • Create details with 3D model views
  • Prepare shop drawings for fabrication

Deliver more complete documentation

  • Calculate and track detailed material quantities
  • Provide more accurate engineering models
  • Automatically generate sections and levels

See what your company can do

Better front-end engineering design (FEED)

  • Create and modify P&IDs faster and more accurately
  • More easily extract info from P&IDs
  • Minimise documentation errors

Improve co-ordination

  • Deliver more co-ordinated information across teams
  • Provide more complete plant engineering data
  • Minimise re-work by identifying issues earlier

Design with widely used 2D and 3D CAD tools

  • Create with state-of-the-art software
  • Use AutoCAD-trained staff
  • Help attract graduates trained on Autodesk software

Improve design efficiency

  • Create P&IDs and equipment lists more quickly
  • Share info across process models, P&IDs and orthographics
  • Support faster reviews with CAD renderings

Minimise re-work

  • Identify issues earlier with 3D models and visuals
  • Minimise change orders
  • Find fewer documentation errors

Fast-paced project support at lower cost

  • Start projects faster using existing AutoCAD-trained staff
  • Use tools designed for 3D plant design workflows
  • Help speed project tasks with 3D process models

Digitally prototype plant equipment

  • Simulate performance before manufacturing
  • Create and modify P&IDs more easily
  • Connect skid to main P&ID to display project scope

Minimise project delivery risks

  • Improve project team co-ordination
  • Better understand site conditions before delivery
  • More effectively identify issues before construction

Work within tight budgets and deadlines

  • Use materials more efficiently
  • Minimise changes on the shop floor
  • Re-use design data for manufacturing and marketing

Virtually explore constructability

  • Determine project complexity and scope
  • Aggregate data for whole project review
  • Better co-ordinate site and workflow planning

Improve cost reliability

  • More quickly generate material take-offs
  • Evaluate design alternative costs
  • Help resolve conflicts before construction

Better predict project outcomes

  • Simulate schedules and logistics in 4D
  • Assess and quantify scope changes
  • Easily communicate plans to stakeholders

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