Account management basics

Update your profile

Change your profile details such as your personal information, security and privacy settings, language and email preferences.

Update your profile

  1. Access your profile and settings by clicking the appropriate link. Some settings, such as setting up 2-step verification, require extra steps. Click the appropriate link for instructions.
    1. Personal information: Update your name, photo, contact details, professional information and more.
    2. Security: Change your username, change an email address (if the new email address isn’t already associated to an existing Autodesk account), Reset your password, manage 2-step verification or delete your account and data.
    3. Settings: Select your account language preference, manage your product data preferences and customise or limit Autodesk communications.
  2. To change any existing information, click the edit icon next to the appropriate setting and follow the on-screen instructions.
    Note: If the edit icon doesn’t appear next to a setting, it is managed by your organisation. Please contact your organization’s licence administrator (this may be the SSO admin) with any requests.
  3. For settings with no information added yet, click the add icon and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Make your changes and click Save.

Need help? Ask the Autodesk Assistant!

The Assistant can help you find answers or contact an agent.

What level of support do you have?

Different subscription plans provide distinct categories of support. Find out the level of support for your plan.

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