Installation for administrators

Modify a deployment from Autodesk Account

You can modify a deployment created from Autodesk Account.

Note: For deployments created with the classic installer, see Modify a deployment with the classic installer.

Modify a deployment

  1. Repeat the deployment creation workflow in Autodesk Account, specifying the existing deployment image path as the new path.
  2. When you run the Image Create tool, answer Yes to the prompt asking whether you want to update the existing administrative image.

Move the administrative image

Moving the administrative image is useful when you want to distribute it to other locations or to networks that aren’t connected to the Internet.

The batch file in the administrative image is the only component that shows the folder name where the administrative image was originally created. You don't need to change other files in the image folder. To change the location in the batch file, edit the file to update the path to the new location. You can also use a relative path. Relative paths are useful when you distribute the administrative image to multiple servers or when you duplicate an image before you modify it.