Installation for administrators

Prepare the deployment for distribution

After you use the Application or Package model to assemble your deployment package, complete these steps to prepare it for distribution.

Note: These instructions correspond to Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2012. For detailed information, see How to deploy packages and programmes in Configuration Manager.

  1. Your Configuration Manager package should be in the subfolder where you created it for deployment. Navigate to the Configuration Manager software library in this location: Software Library\Overview\Application Management\Packages\
  2. On the Summary tab, select a product to see the package properties at the bottom of the screen (colours correspond to content status).
    • Grey. The package is not distributed.
    • Green or partly green. The package is successfully distributed to all or some distribution points.
    • Red or partly red. The package failed to deploy to all or some distribution points.
    • Yellow or partly yellow. The package is in the process of deploying to one or more distribution points.
    • Package ID. The unique Identifier that appears in the log file to indicate that the package is visible, downloaded or failed to install on the client.
    • Targeted. Shows how many distribution points are targeted by the package.
    • Content Status link. Takes you to the Monitoring section and shows more details about the package distribution.
  3. Right-click your package to open the Distribute Content wizard.
  4. Add the distribution points for your package. Recommendations:
    • Select the distribution points nearest to the location of the user's client machines.
    • Distributing to one distribution point is faster than distributing to many points.
    • Use the primary site server (PS) when debugging issues with the distribution of the package. This server holds the source Configuration Manager packages.
  5. Click Next until the wizard finishes.