Installation for administrators

Plan your licence

Choose a licence server model, select network servers and check the system requirements for the Autodesk Network Licence Manager (NLM).

Choose a licence server model

Choose one of these server models:

  • Single server. All network licences are installed on one server.
  • Distributed server. Network licences are split up and installed across multiple servers.
  • Redundant server. All network licences are installed on one server, plus two backup servers.
    Note: This configuration requires you to specify a primary server and two redundant servers.

Select network servers

After you choose a licence server model, select one or more network servers to manage your licences from.

  • Make sure that servers are accessible to all client machines and available whenever licences are requested.
  • Servers should run on a supported operating system in a stable network that isn’t frequently restarted. Frequent restarts can interfere with licence management.
  • Servers should communicate with ports 2080 and 27000-27009, the ports NLM uses. Although these ports are configurable, changing them may cause conflicts with other applications. Avoid changing port numbers.

Note: Your network can include Windows, macOS and Linux servers in any combination.

Check system requirements

Check the NLM system requirements to make sure that your hardware and operating system are compatible with NLM.