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Employee efforts

Engaging our employees

Our employees are the driving force behind everything we do as a company, so we work hard to inspire, develop, reward and engage them. Employee engagement fuels our sustainability efforts and creates tools and resources that enable our customers to advance the design-led revolution.

Training and development

To help employees develop their knowledge and skills, we provide a relevant and timely curriculum that is easy to access anytime, anywhere. We offer options to suit varying learning styles, time commitments and accessibility. Finally, we regularly gather feedback through surveys and focus groups to assess the changing needs of employees.

Our four-day, interactive residential programme for employees lets them try out models for leading teams and partnering with others and teaches skills for decision making and productive conflict resolution.

A similar programme for senior-level executives provides valuable perspective on our business and a hands-on simulation, as well as coaching and intensive small group work. We also provide training for all new managers to help them effectively develop employees and manage their time and resources.

Health and wellness

Our commitment to health and wellness begins with helping employees and their spouses or partners stay fit and minimise health concerns.

For our 2013 global wellness campaign, we participated in the Global Corporate Challenge (US site). Almost 3,700 Autodesk employees from 28 countries got involved in a virtual race around the world that encouraged physical activity and team building.

Using accelerometers to track daily steps, participants logged their steps online and viewed their team's progress compared with other Autodesk teams and teams from other companies. As a result of the programme, many employees reported that they lost weight, improved their nutrition, slept better and had lower stress levels and increased energy.

Employee Impact

We encourage employees worldwide to play an active role in creating a better world at work, at home and in the community. We do this by providing them with tools, resources and benefits that maximise their opportunity for impact. We also offer matching programmes and rewards that support employees to volunteer with and donate to the causes and organisations they care most about.

Employees in Munich work with an institution for child and youth services to take kids on outings to zoos, museums, airports, sports events and other fun activities. And our Toronto-based employees regularly volunteer at the Daily Bread Food Bank. These are just two examples of our employees's community involvement.

During fiscal year 2014, our employees donated nearly $307,000 to non-profit organisations and logged 8,200 volunteer hours. Beginning in fiscal year 2015, with the launch of the Autodesk Foundation (US site), we're expanding our matching gifts and volunteering programmes to give an even bigger boost to our employees's efforts.

Find out more about how our employees are making an impact (US site).