Getting Certified

Training & Certification

Getting Certified

To earn Certification you need to pass an Autodesk Certification Exam or series of exams. To get to that stage, follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Choose the certification that is right for you.

Select your required certification programme, level and product. Certification is available for many Autodesk applications. (If you are looking for Instructor Certification, click here (US site).) Download and read the comprehensive Exam Guide to learn what to expect.

Step 2. Assess your readiness.

Locate an Autodesk Certification Centre and purchase an assessment test to measure your knowledge of the application and identify areas for further study and preparation.

Step 3. Get the training you need and practise your skills.

Take a course at an ATC and/or purchase a training guide to prepare. Make sure you practise with the software, as direct experience using the application is critical to your success.

Step 4. Take the required exam.

Pay for and schedule your exam at an Autodesk Certification Centre.