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Thank you for your interest in this webinar. Watch the recording here and explore additional content below – including Q&A from the session, a free trial, and next steps.

On-demand webinar
0:00: Welcome & Agenda
2:30: Designing Inventor 2022
12:10: What’s New in Inventor 2022
50:20: Q&A


A portion of the live Q&A session from the original broadcast of this webinar is detailed below.

LODs will be automatically migrated to Model States when opened in Inventor 2022. There is no longer LOD in Inventor 2022.  

It helps with working around the Revit model as a reference and making the origins the same.

Inventor 2022 will run on the same hardware as Inventor 2021. Windows 10 OS is now a definite requirement. See the recommendations here:

Yes, you can install and run Inventor 2022 side by side with Inventor 2021. Note that any files saved can only be opened back in 2021 if you have 2021.3.

iPart/iAssembly are meant to create reusable library components. Model States are more flexible. They can be used to show different stages or variations of a model. They both have their own strengths, so it’s important to understand the differences and choose what is best for your workflow. We will talk about the use cases and benefits of Model States during the webinar that should help with your decision.

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